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Yosemite 2002

Calle Peter and Martin racking up under Zodiac, El Capitan

Martin on a hanging belay in the Gray Circle half-way up Zodiac.

Calle P and Martin on Peanut Ledge

Looking back down the flake (pitch 14) at Peanut Ledge in morning sunshine.

Rick hauling the bag up the last pitch.

Martin, Rick and Calle Peter at the top of Zodiac.

On the bear-box at Camp 4, trying to decide what to climb next.

Martin and Calle Peter at El Cap Meadow after deciding to climb Mescalito...

Mescalito climbs the blank-looking face just right of centre on El Capitan.

Martin and Calle Peter at our bivy at the top of pitch 7.

Split-level living on Mescalito. Martin and Calle Peter (alias Desert General von Trapp) at our second bivy at the top of pitch 10.

Calle Peter following a traverse with El Cap Tower on The Nose in the background

Looking down Mescalito from high on the route. Martin jumaring the haul line, Calle P packing up camp.

Calle and Martin at a belay with Lay Lady Ledge (on New Dawn) in the background.

Laid-back belaying.

Everyone says the Bismark is a great bivy ledge. Calle Peter and Martin agree.

Even the ledge ("Granite Beach I") at the top of the Bismark is pretty good, if sloping.

The weather clagged in a little, so we pitched the fly over the portaledge and stayed the night there with one pitch fixed.

Calle with a collection of empties.

Martin's turn to jug the haul-line... again.

Martin was the youngest of us so we thought he may as well lead the crux pitch (pitch 21), C3R. He did a great job on it - and all the while a helicopter buzzed around on a rescue across the valley.

In our gratitude we also got him to follow the awkward pitch 22.

In fading light Calle Peter led pitch 23 up to "Granite Beach II".

Pitch 25 was a fun flake traverse - Martin didn't see much of it jumaring up the haul-line.

Rick and Calle haul the bags up the last pitch.

Summit picture on top of Mescalito after 6 nights on the wall.

Photographs mostly by Rick McGregor, rmcgregor*
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