South Face, Mt Watkins, Yosemite, Sept 2012

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The South Face of Mt Watkins from Mirror Lake on the walk-in (which took us about 2 hrs 15 mins to the start of the fixed ropes). (RMcG)

The top half of the wall from below. (RMcG)

SP jumars up the first of the 4 fixed ropes up the Scruffy Buttress.(RMcG)

Half Dome looks different from the base of Mt Watkins. (RMcG)

And the Quarter Domes are across the Tenaya valley. (RMcG)

We fixed ropes to the top of the 3rd pitch that evening. (RMcG)

Looking up the fixed ropes on the morning of our first day on the climb proper. (RMcG)

Rick jumaring up to the top of the 2nd pitch. (SP)

Rick leading out under the roof on the 4th pitch. (SP)

SP leading the 5th pitch. (RMcG)

At the top of our 6th pitch. (RMcG)

Rick preparing to lead pitch 9 off the Sheraton Watkins bivy ledge, one of the two crux pitches. (SP)

Rick leading pitch 9. (SP)

Free climbing the double cracks. (SP)

Silhouetted against the late afternoon sky on pitch 9. (SP)

Dinner on the ledges at Sheraton Watkins. (SP)

SP belaying on Sheraton Watkins as I go back up to finish pitch 9 in the morning. (RMcG)

There's some pretty funky fixed gear on the pitch. (RMcG)

SP jumaring pitch 9. (RMcG)

SP leading the 5.3 ramp on pitch 10. (RMcG)

Rick leading pitch 11. (SP)

Looking back at SP on the 10th belay. (RMcG)

SP following pitch 11. (RMcG)

Racked up to lead pitch 12 (as we didn't plan to bivy at the top of the 11th we should have linked these two pitches). (RMcG)

SP tackling pitch 12. (RMcG)

Rick following pitch 12. (SP)

Rick and his shadow about to do the pendulum on pitch 13. (RMcG)

SP on the belay at the top of the 12th, waiting for me to finish the pitch. (RMcG)

SP contemplates a nourishing dinner on the uncomfortable ledges on the pillar at the top of the 14th pitch. (RMcG)

Rick and the full moon. (SP)

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