Rautasjaure, late March 2008

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The first evening - on the way over Roahpi Sunset behind Rautasjaure, -20 degrees Chrille settles in at the boatshed
Rick about to head out and take some photos... ...of the aurora over Rautasjaure ...with the boatshed...
...and a snowmobile Saturday morning dawned fine Anders (Stålis) and Chrille
Looking up the lake Looking back at Barddaluokta and Nieiddabakti The second ravine up the lake - Clan of the Cave Bear
Viddjacohkka Looks good, but a long walk Waterfalls on the sunny side
...further up the lake The view up to the head of the lake... ...and down towards the outlet
Looking back down the lake from Varregaska Stålis frees his snowmobile from deep snow on Varregaska, head of the lake behind Across the lake to Viddja
A reindeer carcase... ...was surrounded by eagle claw prints ...and had been visited by a wolverine

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Photos: Rick McGregor
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