IFK Kiruna at the 2012 Jukola relay near Helsinki

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and then rain.

The rest of us finished our runs before the rain, but Conny ran the last hour or so in it.

He looked pretty fresh after running the 15-kilometre last leg to bring us home in 557th place of the over 1650 teams that started some 11 hours before.

With the rain becoming persistent, people found various ways to shelter while moving about the area.

They must have forgotten their raincoats...

Back at the military tent Conny rehydrates...

...while Erik catches up on lost sleep.

After a shower Esa was his perky self again.

Mats and Rick look at the map.

Åsa ran the 4th leg - good training for BAMM later in the summer.

The team assembled for a group photo - because of the weather it had to be taken in the military tent. From left: Åsa Redin (leg 4), Conny Nilimaa (7), Mikael Lindmark (1), Mats Luspa (3), Rick McGregor (5), Esa Turunen (6) and Erik Johansson (2).

Then it was time to head for the airport bus - Esa with roller board in tow, en route for his next business trip.

Mats and Åsa waiting outside the showers for Conny to emerge.

Checking in at Helsinki airport.

Reindeers rampant welcome us back to Rovaniemi - with just the drive home to Kiruna (or Skellefteå) to finish an enjoyable weekend. (All photos: Rick McGregor, rmcgregor*hotmail.com)