Kaisenjarga - Tintin Boulders

This area is further west from the most-established area at Kaisenjarga. Park at the next pull-out west of the main carpark beside a small lake and walk 100m east to a couple of small aspen saplings. Head out towards the lake (Torneträsk) and the powerlines. Up to the right on the ridge is one of the Tintin Boulders. Diagonally left from this boulder some 75m is the next rock, and a third is straight out from the latter some 75m, just before the powerlines and a double power-pole on a hillock. Hidden Hollow Rock is about 150m NE, in a hollow on the N slope of a hill-top with another double power-pole.

See also: http://www.kirunaklatterklubb.se/Kaisenjarga/

Månen tur och retur/Destination Moon
Det svarta guldet
Det svarta guldet/Land of Black Gold
Plan 714 till Sydney
Plan 714 till Sydney/Flight 714
Blå lotus/The Blue Lotus 

Enhörningens hemlighet/The Secret of the Unicorn

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Updated: 2006-07-14

Hidden Hollow Rock
Hidden Hollow Rock