Östra Långsjön - Kaisenjarga

Långsjön from Strandblocket
To reach "Långsjön" (Long Lake), park as for Centrum, but walk west from the end of the carpark until a track leads in to the right to a dble powerpole. Turn left and pick up a faint track marked by a cairn. This indistinct track follows the valley that evenually becomes the lake. Turn right at the SE end of the lake and go up the slope to find Strandblocket (Beach Boulder).

Antti on one of the problems on Strandblocket
(Beach Boulder) is near the top of the slope E of the SE end of Långsjön (probably 500m W of Centrum). Megablock and Solväggen are visible in the distance (top left of picture), about 150m away. There are 2 problems on the face Antti is on, a rising traverse up the edge left of him, an easy slab problem on the face in the foreground, and nice sit-start/mantelshelf problem out of picture on the right.

Fossil Rock and Solväggen
Fossil Rock is the short wall up and left of Solväggen (Sun Wall) with the orange corner (Oskriven bok/Unwritten Book, gr 5). There are 3 problems of decreasing difficulty left of the corner, and Kapitel 2 (Chapter 2) climbs the wall right of it, not using the corner or the edge. Fossil Rock has one mantelshelf problem so far (Fossil Rock Mantel).

with highball slab problem (descent down edge on left of slab, then jump...)
Antti on Ship Rock
This boulder is on top of the hill to the right of Megablock as viewed in the photo above. There are 3 problems on this, the SE face, and 4 easy slab problems on the NW face (facing out towards the lake).

Photos: Rick McGregor