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Climbing round Bishop, Ca., Autumn 2011

SP takes a break on the Rock Creek gorge ride.

Nearing the end of the MTB trail.

PSOM Slab area, Pine Creek.

SP starts out on the 7-pitch John Fisher Memorial Route.

SP follows the crux pitch (5.10d).

The view down Pine Creek towards the White Mountains.

Higher on the route.

Looking down the last two pitches which we strung together, racing the rain.

Thunder storm over Bishop, Ca.

Looking up Rock Creek from the Gong Show Crag on our return visit.

Boel following one of the sport routes (He She, 5.10b, maybe)

Boel higher on the same route.

Boel following the fine but slightly contrived Tripping Old Birds (5.10b).

Also on Tripping Old Birds.

The welded tuff of Carter Canyon, Big Springs Area (near Mammoth Lakes, Ca).

Boel leads the easy but enjoyable Ugly, Fat and Mean, Come to Mammoth, Be a Queen (5.7).

Higher on the same route...

...which is in Area 13.

Stoned Wheat Thin Cliff...

...had a good view of the nearby Sierra range.

Boel leading...

...and SP following, but what was the route called?

Then it was Rick's turn to lead Driller Instinct (5.10d). Photo: SP.

40 metres and 17 bolts. Photo: SP.

The Great Wall of China area at Owens River Gorge.

The front-on view of the Great Wall of China.

Further down the gorge.

Back at SP's, watching the rain.

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